We’ve all been there.

The holiday season has arrived and that means preparing your “who to buy for” list. Quickly, you realize your list includes a NO IDEA WHAT TO BUY section.

It’s natural to have people on your list that prove “difficult” to buy for. These people are very familiar to you.  And, therein lies the reason why they are proving almost impossible to buy for. You have been buying gifts for them for decades…and they don’t need anything (at least that’s what they say). 

You seem to have run out of gift ideas. 


It’s really just the matter of following 3 rules to find that perfect gift for them.

First, let’s get a couple of don’ts out of the way! 

Don’t give a gag gift. That is meant for laughs at the office party.

Forget the gift card. It smacks of “I didn’t know what to give you, so I just went with the easy choice”

Now, here are the 3 rules to follow that will help you identify that perfect gift.

Focus your buying choices on 3 areas:

  1. Usefulness
  2. Surprise
  3. Quality 


Think of a gift that will be useful.  You don’t want to give something that will never be used. What good is that? It will end up being pitched or re-gifted!


Finding a gift that surprises the person tells them you put thought into your buying decision.

Perhaps you could actually give the gift a day before they expect to receive it. Or, make it a gift that is recurring in nature, like a year subscription.

Good quality

There’s a difference between a gift that is merely functional and one that’s high quality.  Think of something they wouldn’t buy on their own because they think it’s too luxurious. But, that doesn’t mean it has to actually be expensive.  Your choice tells them “I wanted you have the best quality.” You want it to be something that will last. 

CaseElegance has a complete line of elegant and luxurious-looking products. Even so, they are all reasonably priced.  And, they each match the three rules of usefulness, uniqueness, and high quality so important when gift-buying for that special person.




Bill Dragon | Author
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