While drinking wine isn’t difficult – you open a bottle, pour the wine in the glass and take a sip – there are several common mistakes many people make in the process.

There is a proper way to hold the wine glass

Most wine glasses have a stem for a reason. It’s to avoid your body heat from transferring to the wine.  So, don’t hold the wine glass at the bottom of the bowl. Instead, hold the glass by the stem.  This also enables you to swirl the wine and open it up.

Serve the wine when it’s at the right temperature

Most of us think white wine needs to be served chilled.  In reality, serving a white wine too cold locks down all of its flavors and aromas, leaving you with very little to taste and appreciate. Red wines, on the contrary, need to be chilled down slightly before serving. serving it at room temperature often causes the wine’s alcohol flavors and aromas to dominate. Cooling it down slightly before serving prevents this.

 You’re decanting it too long

 Regardless of what you’ve read, you really only need to open a wine for about 30 minutes in the decanter before you start drinking. Enjoy it as the wine evolves.

You’re storing it wrong

While you will see wine sold standing up under bright lights, that’s not ideal. Lying your wine on its side in a cool, dark place is the best way to ensure it will last.

You are over-thinking it!

Forget the idea that you should understand the regions where the best grapes are grown or the ability to blind taste and pair with food.

Enjoying what’s in your glass at the moment is the most important part. Wine is about drinking it and enjoying it in the company of friends. And, when it comes to sharing a great bottle of wine as a gift, we’ve got you covered. After all, CaseElegance celebrates those wine enthusiasts who want to gift wine to a friend for family member in a most memorable way.

Presenting the CaseElegance Bamboo Wine Gift Box set

Give a gift that’ll make them always think of you as they prepare, share and save with the convenient foil cutter, decanter, wine key (corkscrew) and topper. Fits any standard wine 750ml bottle, but not appropriate for oversized champagne bottles. 

Sorry, wine not included!

Bill Dragon | Author
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