Most of us have been there before!

You’ve been invited to a dinner party and you know you’re expected to bring a bottle of wine.

Don’t fret about it. Simple follow these 4 simple rules of etiquette to be sure your wine-bearing gesture is appreciated:

  1. Your wine is a gift to the host. Don’t demand that it has to be uncorked.

The fact that you are supplying a bottle of wine for the festivities doesn’t mean that the host is obligated to open it.  Realize, he or she may already have other plans related to the wine that will be served.  Perhaps, they too have spent some time thinking about a perfect wine what will pair well with the food they are serving. Your wine, while hopefully appreciated, may be resigned to their home collection for future enjoyment. The last thing you want to do is put pressure on the host to open your bottle.

  1. Spend an appropriate amount on your wine

How much you should spend on a bottle of wine is dependent on your host and the occasion.  If your host is a real wine connoisseur and the event is being catered by the top caterer in the city, you probably want to invest in a really fine wine.  In that case, have someone that is an expert in fine wines suggest what to buy (if you don’t already know).  You may expect to spend upwards to $30 or more for a fine wine.  On the other hand, if the occasion involves a meal of pizza and a movie, a $10-$20 bottle is respectable.

  1. One bottle or two? Well, it depends..

Whether to bring a single bottle or more depends on the host and the plans.  If it’s a night involving plans to binge-watch Netflix, perhaps 2 or more bottles will be consumed.  Otherwise, if the plan calls for only a couple of hours dining together, then a single bottle is fine. If you have another person coming with to the event, two bottles are appropriate.


  1. Remember, presentation is everything!

Finally, the most important consideration is how you present the gift of wine.  Yes, standard practice is to simply pull the bottle from a paper bag and give it to the host.  But, what if you really wanted to make the event special to show your true appreciation for their kindness in inviting you?  How could you gift the wine in a way that would be memorable and truly uniquely appreciated? 

At Case Elegance, we have the perfect solution!  Present your wine bottle encased in our Wine Gift box set.


It’s made of REAL BAMBOO wood, guaranteed to make any friend, client or wine-loving dinner host oooh and ahh in amazement. Presenting the host your wine in our Wine Gift Box will make them always think of you as they prepare, share and save with the convenient foil cutter, decanter, wine key (corkscrew) and topper.


Bill Dragon | Author
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