Fridgador - Electric Cooler Humidor


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Humidity & Temperature - Done for You

The Frigador is our first-ever active humidity system and temperature-controlled humidor that creates the ideal storage environment for cigars. Two large, solid-body cedar drawers extend on smooth premium roller tracks with storage for up to 250 cigars (both cigars and cigar boxes), and a cool white LED overhead light illuminates the interior. Adjust and set both temperature and humidity with a simple-to-use digital touch screen that makes climate control easier and more consistent. Easily refill the solution basin with the included bottle of solution, and a series of internal electric fans circulate humidity evenly throughout the unit. It’s never been easier to adjust your humidor. And now total climate control is possible for your home cigar collection.

The Frigador features a sleek glossy-black exterior and includes a double-paned glass door for improved insulation, UV protection, and clear visibility of the natural Spanish cedar drawers inside. A solid modern metal handle opens securely as the unit’s weight is supported by firm rubber feet that protect your furniture or floor. Included is one large bottle of humidor solution to help you get started. Come ready to store cigars with this serious compressor-based technology that outperforms its competitors.


  • ACTIVE HUMIDIFICATION & TEMPERATURE - The Fridgador uses active humidification and temperature regulation to keep humidity levels constant and reliable, regardless of outside fluctuation. Internal fans circulate air and humidity throughout the 40L capacity unit so your cigars stay fresh and ready to smoke at their best.

  • DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN - Effortlessly set both temperature and humidity levels inside the Frigador with a digital touch screen that changes the game, leaving humidor packs and manual humidity maintenance obsolete. Setting your desired levels through the touch screen will automatically adjust the internal cooling and fan circulation of the Frigador. So simple.

  • DOUBLE-PANED GLASS DOOR - If you’ve ever sipped whiskey from a double-paned glass snifter, the effect is similar to the door on the Frigador. You get enhanced temperature control with glass panes separated by an air barrier that prevents temperature loss. When you set the temperature on the Frigador, it holds steady.  

  •  INTERNAL LED LIGHT - Proper visibility makes it easy to choose your next cigar from either of the large Spanish cedar drawers. The white LED light located at the top of the Frigador also makes for effortless refills of the humidor solution basin.

  • COMPRESSOR-BASED TECHNOLOGY - The Frigador better regulates temperature with a compressor, a more reliable and effective way of maintaining your desired temperature than electrothermal humidor coolers. Paired with the double glass pane door, there’s no more reason to worry about ambient temperature affecting your cigars.

  • SOLID SPANISH CEDAR DRAWERS - Smoothly extend the two large-capacity Spanish cedar drawers on premium roller tracks to access your cigars. Stack and store your cigars directly on the wood for the cleanest and best-suited cigar storage. More Spanish cedar means better humidity control to maintain cigars in optimal condition.

Set it & Forget It

Just set the temperature and the humidity from the digital readout on the front, and the humidor does the rest. A large tray for your humidor solution (included) with an onboard fan ensures your cigars stay perfectly humidified. The onboard compressor keeps the temperature dialed in for the perfect cigar, every time.

Comes with Everything

Everything you need to get started, including a large bottle of humidor solution. Klaro humidors always come with everything you need to maintain perfect humidity.