Renzo Glass Top Humidor - 
Glass Top Humidor stores 25 - 50 cigars.

Covered by:
US Patent. No. D910912

Hydro Tray - Humidity tray for Cigar Humidor

Covered by:
US Patent No D914962

Digital Hygrometer - for Cigar Humidor 

Patent Pending 29/758,746

Octodor - Glass Top Humidor stores 50 - 100 cigars 

Patent Pending 29/735,600

Peg System - system for storing and stacking cigars via a peg system

Patent Pending 17/203,916

Hydro System - system for humidifying cigars

Patent Pending 16/653,048

Humidor With Internal Hinge (PROD-009-US)

patent no. D981,036.


pending application number 29/797,765

PROD-010-US(Travel Humidor Plastic Insert)

patent pending application 29/804,091