How me make our products

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Our home base - Indianapolis

Any object with real value embodies some form of good design. We strive for excellent design by incorporating rigorous sketching, quick prototyping, and thorough user testing. This magic all happens in Indianapolis, our sacred home base


Detailed craftsmanship

IndianapolisOur product catalog incorporates various manufacturing processes ranging from CNC milling to custom molding and hand stitching. We have crafted a state-of-the-art QC system that allows us to inspect every unit, ensuring that you get the quality product you expect


Laser engraving

Our monogramming personalization process spans from laser engraving on our watch box glass top to hand debossing on our leather products. We have spent countless hours perfecting our methods to bring you the highest quality of monogrammed goods.


Our in-house state-of-the-art laser engraving machine penetrates deep into our watch box glass surface to elegantly display your initials and last name.



For most of our leather made products, we offer customizable debossing. We have various foils that can be stamped into the leather giving you a little more customization. Our stamping process results in a consistent and distinct monogram that is truly your own.

Corporate gifts

We are happy to work with companies looking to include corporate logos and customizable options. Contact us to find out if your order qualifies.

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