Collection: Xikar Products

Xikar is a leading manufacturer of cigar accessories and makes some of the best torch lighters and cutters on the market today. With our partnership, you get the best pricing on Xikar cutters and lighters if you buy them in our exclusive bundles. Own the best tools for the job with Xikar, and own them together.

Great cigars are at the mercy of a quality cut and light. Our Xikar cutters and lighters are chosen specifically for their quality in design, function, and aesthetic appeal. We only showcase the products we use, and we vouch for every one of the Xikar products in our line.

Xi stainless steel cutters work on small and big ring gauge cigars to create a tidy cut to ensure a clean smoking experience void of tobacco debris. Our Xikar cutters feature dual guillotine blades and solid construction to create a single, perfect cut of your choice in depth.

The triple jet Xikar torch lighter offers the perfect balance of ultra-hot flame and control to create an even, lasting burn every time. Our models feature adjustable flame height, visible fuel levels, and all-metal construction. Durable, reliable, and powerful.

Xikar accessories improve the smoking experience and belong in cigar humidor drawers everywhere.
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