The important role a humidor plays in keeping your BEST cigars fresh!

When it comes to the perfect cigar, any cigar smoker feels the same way.  You've bought it, now you want to make sure that it’s ready to smoke when you are.  

 And, therein lies the importance of a good humidor!

To retain freshness, cigars need to be stored properly in a controlled environment.  In the case of cigars, that means a humidor.

But, why a humidor,you ask?

It’s all a matter of trying to maintain the natural, tropical environment in which the tobacco was originally grown. Let’s face it, northern environments (in the US or Canada) don’t have the natural ambient humidity of Cuba, Honduras, the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua.  But, a humidor can provide a similar artificial environment that will keep tobacco moist.

What, then, is a humidor?

 Humidors are boxes that come in a staggering array of sizes that increase levels of moisture or humidity within.  Many are made of exotic hardwoods and cost upwards to thousands of dollars. Regardless, they all have one purpose: to provide a humidified environment that will keep cigars fresh and ready to smoke.


There’s nothing more disappointing to a cigar smoker than to invest good money for a fine, fragrant cigar only to find out it has dried out when he tries to smoke it. It has become brittle. It burns very quickly and tastes harsh and unpleasant  

Likewise, if the cigar is too moist, the tobacco may be soggy and difficult to smoke. And, there’s the issue of the tobacco expanding too much, causing the outer wrapper to split or break, ruining the cigar. Finally, excess moisture inside the humidor can make the air stale and possibly even lead to the growth of mold on the cigars.

 Good humidors have slotted shelves that ensure air is allowed to circulate. And, the simple act of occasionally opening and closing a humidor suffices to exchange air inside with fresh outside air.

Consistency in temperature and moisture levels is key.

Keeping your prized cigars in perfect condition involves simply monitoring for a consistent temperature and moisture level within the humidor. Sudden shifts in either are bad, so don’t park your humidor near a heat vent or air conditioning duct.  On a related note, it’s not a good idea to put the humidor in direct sunlight or even bright fluorescent lighting.

 The CaseElegance Humidor

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