Let’s talk about the evenness inside your humidor. 

In this video, you can see the Octodor humidor sitting at 68% and 72ºF (a couple of degrees higher than suggested) and you can see a second hygrometer inside right on top of the hydro tray reading 65%.

When you first start seasoning your humidor, you will see a lot of unevenness if you don’t have cigars in it (an empty box is very uneven). You can find maybe 80% on the bottom and then, on top, the humidity can be around 65% or maybe 60%. 

If you place other hygrometers inside, they might not read the same as the one embedded;  What you will notice is that the humidity on the bottom is going to read 3% to 5% higher than the humidity on the top. This is actually a feature because it gives you the chance to take one of your cigars that you are planning to smoke on the weekend and put it on the top tray to dry out a little before you smoke it and so it won’t be too moist.

But let’s get back to seasoning. At the beginning, the humidity will be all over the board, uneven and that’s fine! You just have to do as the instructions say, trying to get it to 70% or so, the add your cigars and it will probably drop a little bit (depending on the time of the year, but over time, in a period of three weeks to two months, the entire box will even out and the trick is you don’t want to have add just 5 cigars in it. You have to go and add at least 20 cigars, that’s something to keep in mind when seasoning your humidor.

To sum up, the humidity is going to be very uneven at the beginning, but after adding the right amount of cigars, the humidity is going to be more even and this will happen in a period of a couple of months.

Jon Aguilar | Author
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