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How to Organize Your Humidor: FIFO, Aging, Stacking, and More

  We’ve seen the inside of some of your humidors. Disheveled messes, many of them. So it’s no surprise you forget about some of the cigars in your collection or can’t track down an exciting new selection you bought weeks ago. Some cigars never get smoked, even, because you can’t...

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Restoration Tips for Your Antique Humidor

  There’s a saying that “antique never goes out of style.” Well, it may not be a saying, but it’s true. The market for cool, lightly used, stylish old goods is always hot. Thrifting is very en vogue. And it’s absolutely possible to find an exceptionally old humidor that would...

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How to Make a Humidor

Cigar appreciation doesn’t tend to be many aficionados’ only hobby. Some are quite handy and have a number of other activities they enjoy. When they’re able to blend those hobbies—all the better.  If you’re the type who likes to make things yourself, you may have it in your mind to...

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The Types of Wood Used to Make Humidors

An investment in a humidor can represent how much we value our cigar collections. And that’s because the quality of the humidor determines how well our cigar collections hold up over time--both short and long term.  Without a high-quality humidor, cigars are at risk to the effects of humidity in...

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