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How to Lower the Humidity in a Humidor

For those new to cigars, there’s a night-and-day switch once you own your first humidor. The world of cigars opens up, and you realize there’s far more to cigars than enjoying a stogie at the occasional bachelor party or on the back nine at the golf course. There’s more to...

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Why a Drawer on Your Humidor is a Must-Have

Considering a humidor? You’re making a wise decision. Humidors are the best way to store your cigars, keeping them in prime smoking shape so you can enjoy them whenever the occasion calls for one. And if you’ve started to look at humidors, you’re also probably realizing that humidors come in...

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Everything You Need to Know About Torch Lighters

For a cigar enthusiast, few things are worse than an unevenly lit cigar. Whether because of a fast burning match or a low flame lighter, once the uneven burn begins, it’s hard to correct. And then you’re stuck spending the duration of the cigar relighting, working the cigar too much,...

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Which humidor solution do I use – Regular solution or Winter mix?

Let's take a look to Michael's seasoning tips when starting your new humidor. Find out what solution you should use. It's not always black or white when you use the winter mix or the regular solution, it might depend on the weather where you live and what solution you've been...

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What to Look for in a Humidor Travel Case?

If you already own a home cigar humidor, you know how much of a difference it can make in the quality and enjoyment of your cigars. But what about excursions to see friends and family, times when sharing a cigar is most appropriate? The next step is to consider a...

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