Any good humidor will keep your cigars in good smoking shape (as long as it’s properly seasoned, of course). But let’s be clear about this. This is not just any good humidor. This is the new Klaro Belmont Glass Top Humidor. 

Humidors, like any good invention, have room for innovation. While the basic technology may not change—especially on medium- to large-sized flip-top humidors—there are certainly other ways they can be made better. Add unique styling options that you simply don’t find elsewhere, and you’ll quickly see why the Belmont Glass Top Humidor stands out. 

Allow us to introduce you to this stunning humidor, and tell you about a few features you’ll find here that are exclusive to Klaro. 

Construction of the Belmont Glass Top

The Belmont Glass Top is built from solid wood, with precision joints and a lid that fits firmly to create a good seal that locks in humidity. The stylish glass top is lined with slim wood trim, and the glass can also be customized with an etched name or monogram. 

It’s worth noting that our humidors are part of the Trees for the Future program. If we sell a humidor of wooden construction—like this one—we plant a tree to offset the construction. 

The humidor is then wrapped in saddle brown vegan leather. This lining is stylish and clean, and looks perfect sitting on a large desk or on a bookshelf lined with tomes by your favorite author. 

A rubber seal lines the rim of the humidor for added protection against leaks. And to go one further, we use custom hinges that are designed to prevent leakage as well. Not only is this stunning humidor well-built—it’s built to maintain an absolutely ideal environment for your cigars. 

Inside, you’ll find a whopping 5mm of Spanish cedar lining—significantly more than the typical 2mm you’ll find in other brands. This additional cedar means there’s that much more to soak up moisture, and makes it easier to maintain humidity levels inside the box. 

Size & Storage Space

The Belmont is 11 inches across, 9 inches back to front, and 6.2 inches tall. It holds anywhere from 30 to 60 sticks, depending on their size and shape. This makes it perfect for the seasoned collector who knows what they like and loves to keep a variety on hand—or for the avid up-and-coming enthusiast who’s buying a wide selection to try at will. 

Features of the Belmont Glass Top

Construction aside, the Belmont Glass Top Humidor is much more than just a humidor. It comes with several unique features that make it an obvious choice for someone who’s serious about cigar appreciation—and showcasing them in the finest way. 

Here are just a few of the features that make it stand out.

Classic Design


The design of the Belmont Glass Top is uniquely classical. The saddle brown vegan leather evokes traditional smoking parlors, where you can relax back in your leather chair and enjoy your cigar next to a roaring fire. The gold hardware, too, is stylish and iconic—and adds a hint of luxury to the already stunning box. 

Glass Top

Glass top humidors offer more than just an interesting peek inside—they’re functional as well. Keeping the lid closed on your humidor means keeping the moisture inside. While popping it open to sift through and grab a stogie won’t hurt the seasoning, it’s always better to know where you’re going so you can pop open the lid, grab your cigar, and get it closed again quickly. 

On top of that, the glass top also gives you insight into how your cigars are faring inside. While the hygrometer (more on that below) lets you know exactly how the humidity is faring inside the box, you can also visibly see whether your cigars are in good shape. 

Finally, adding an etched monogram or name to the glass lid adds a touch of personalization that’s great as a gift—whether for yourself or someone else. 

Hydro System

The seasoning behind any humidor matters most, and that’s true as well for the Belmont Glass Top. With the Belmont, though, you get everything you need to properly season it included with purchase. 

The patent-pending Hydro System includes a hydro tray, one bottle of regular Humidor Solution, and one bottle of Winter & Dry Climate Humidor Solution, as well as our gel solution which allows you to get even more moisture inside the humidor. This is plenty to get the Belmont seasoned and ready to use, regardless of where you live or the time of year. Our specially formulated humidor solutions are designed to provide optimal humidity levels inside the humidor, as well, unlike common two-way humidification systems which we’ve found simply don’t work as well in medium- to large-sized humidors. You can learn more about how to season your Klaro humidor in our Ultimate Guide to Seasoning Your Humidor. 

When our Hydro System is paired with the 5mm Spanish cedar lining of the Belmont, maintaining your humidor is practically foolproof. 

Peg System

Another patent-pending innovation, our Peg System allows you to store your cigars however you like inside the Belmont. Avoid flavor contamination or simply organize by size and shape. The storage tray includes several slats and peg holes, and the humidor comes with six cedar walls with plastic pegs. These walls can be arranged in whatever way best fits your cigar collection. Customize it and organize it however you want. 


Take the guesswork out of your seasoning and maintenance process with a built-in digital hygrometer. Klaro hygrometers are custom-made to be more accurate. Plus, a special silicone lining makes certain there are no leaks in air or moisture—it fits snugly and securely. 

Accessory Tray


We’ve all misplaced our torch lighter or our favorite cutter at some point. Never again, thanks to a built-in pull-out accessory tray with felt lining. The tray pulls out from beneath the cigar storage with special gold hardware and provides plenty of space for any kind of accessory you may want. 

Jon Aguilar | Author
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