We love buying our fathers cigars throughout the year. A gift that’s quick, affordable, and easy to give on a whim and without occasion. But when it comes to Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, and life events, we go with something more substantial, more meaningful, and that we know he’ll find a use for–especially when he receives more cigars in a year than he can smoke.

No, our fathers’ dens aren’t filled with dozens of humidors from decades of repeat gift ideas. But, yes, you can bet they own some great, quality humidors–not to mention an array of torch lighters, cigar cutters, miscellaneous ash trays.

If you haven’t broken the seal of cigar-themed gifts for your father, 2022 might be the year. This Father’s Day, we’re excited to share options across the board: from humidors and accessories to excellent reading materials and new product releases. 

Now, if you’ve already committed to building your father a DIY sledgehammer lamp, keep this list around for 2023, as these gift ideas are applicable beyond this year’s Father’s Day. And, if you were winding, nobody will question if you decide to pocket some of these ideas for your own use. 

Introducing the Belmont, A Classic Dad-Friendly Humidor


We’re starting off our gift list with some favoritism, the most recent addition to the Klaro humidor line: the Belmont Glass Top Humidor. Because if you haven’t already gifted your father a humidor, the Belmont might be the ticket. A high-quality humidor will stay in use throughout the years to come–even if his interest in cigars peaks and valleys. 

This is the first of our humidors to feature a saddle brown vegan leather exterior–a truly classic aesthetic. Not only does it look great, but the softer exterior feel adds a new dimension and associative comfort. What else is new about the Belmont? For one, it’s larger than our best-selling and crowd favorite Renzo. The Belmont comfortably stores a healthy 30-60 cigars. It also features a cedar veneer that’s more than twice as thick as most competitor equivalents, so if you keep up on seasoning, this humidor performs excellently. 

As with our other humidors, we include a monogram option to personalize the gift as well as an accessory bundle in this case this gift is for a new smoker who might appreciate a torch lighter and cutter. 

Classic Accessories, Personalized


Speaking of accessories, you can never really go wrong with humidor and cigar accessories for gifts this Father’s Day. Plus, these are a bit more budget-friendly if you’re trying to rein-in the expenses this summer while still treating your father with a memorable gift. For example, if he’s still stuck in the antiquated habits of Bic lighters and matches to light his cigars, show him why there’s a better way. Give him the gift of a triple-jet torch lighter that will revolutionize how he lights up. 

Same story with his cutter: if you’ve noticed he’s still using a cheapo branded cigar cutter he picked up at a vendor booth on his last business trip, show him there’s a whole ‘nother world of high-quality, dual-blade cigar cutters, and he won’t be disappointed you did. 

Again, if these are traveled pastures for you, this year consider something a little less typical and option a travel humidor that won’t break the bank but could be a perfect add-on for your dad’s weekend trips to see the grandchildren. 

Cigar Subscription


If your father is already well-equipped with a couple of different humidors, a sufficient supply of torch lighters and cutters, and has more need filling his cache than additional space, maybe that’s your approach: more cigars. Giving one-off cigars here and there is great, but Father’s Day requires a more substantial gift.

Relieve your father of his cigar-stocking burden and consider a monthly cigar subscription. Better than buying a box of cigars, he can get an array of cigars from mild to full-bodied strength and a variety of brands, which might help him expand his palate and discover new favorites. This can be a welcomed change of pace–especially for a seasoned smoker who might think they’ve tried everything. 

With the gift of a subscription–like a Klaro Cigars membership–you can decide how many cigars will arrive each month, so you’re not overwhelming his stash. Klaro Cigars sends both up-and-coming boutique brands as well as 90+ rated legacy brands, so you get to try something lesser-known along with something tried and true. 

For the Readers

If your dad is like us, half the fun of smoking cigars is learning the history, science, stories, influences, and industry behind the smokes. Which is why we’re always on the lookout for resources, articles, and books that inform us further about the cigar industry. 

Now on its 4th edition, The Ultimate Cigar Book is a staple in the cigar community, and we can verify it’s one to keep dad informed and entertained. Featuring history on the tobacco industry and cigars and highlighting techniques used today to roll and manufacture cigars, it’s a pretty expansive book that we’re glad to keep on our shelves, and we think your dad would enjoy it as well. 

And if you haven’t started a section of your shelves devoted to tobacco and cigar books, you should consider it. A couple other favorites include:

For Veteran Fathers


Another meaningful gift to consider this year is one for veteran fathers who will appreciate this military footlocker-inspired humidor option. Our Military Glass Top Humidor holds a generous 50-100 cigars while also featuring an accessory drawer where, inside, you’ll find diamond-cut EVA foam reminiscent of military storage cases. Custom carrying handles only add to the unique and streamlined design of this humidor. 

All Klaro humidors feature our accurate and easy-to-season Hydro System, which keeps your humidor at optimal relative humidity. If you want to make your Father’s Day gift even more special, consider including a Klaro Membership, which is a 12-month supply of everything needed to keep your humidor seasoned properly: two bottles of regular humidor solution, two bottles of winter/dry humidor solution, gel solution packets, and a hygrometer battery. 

Cigars Aren’t His Thing?

We wouldn’t be all that helpful if we didn’t provide other thoughtful gift ideas outside the world of cigar smoking. It’s not for everyone, and if your non-smoking dad doesn’t collect vintage baseballs, the humidor idea won’t do him any good. 

But we think in the vein of luxury storage, and, at Case Elegance, we also offer excellent watch box options that will protect and preserve your father’s watch collection whether he’s at home or on the road. 

Watch boxes from Case Elegance can hold anywhere between five to twelve watches, and each case includes a glass top so that the watches are always on display. Each lid is equipped with a built-in magnet, so you get a complete and lasting seal, keeping your watches safe and unexposed. Consider a luxury storage item that’s a little less known, and surprise dad with something he’ll soon wonder how he lived without. And if he travels often? Help him keep his watches safe and secure even when on-the-go with this travel watch box

And if still you aren’t sure about a gift for your father this year, explore some of the other options we have at Case Elegance. From travel tie cases to leather journals, you’re sure to find something of interest to surprise your dad this Father’s Day.

Jon Aguilar | Author
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