There are so many aspects of a cigar, and the cigar review process, that it is easy to overlook a certain detail of a cigar flavor profile or an aromatic nuance if not documented right there on the spot. The same can be said for researching a certain premium cigar blend, a company backstory, or even some form of intriguing tobacco cultivation trivia.

Hell, even if you aren't a cigar smoker you cannot deny this one simple fact: Note-taking is an essential part of daily life.

Being that not every situation is ideal for using your phone for note-taking (like simultaneously researching a cigar blend and jotting down notes), we came out with the Bucksaw Leather Journal. A lined, A5 size notebook with all of the features you need, and a few additional modifications to make the task at hand even easier.

Fully Refillable

Bucksaw Leather Journal

Each Bucksaw Leather Journal comes loaded with one standard-size A5 flat-spine notebook. This makes page-turning and folio removal a tidy process and merely requires sourcing an A5 notebook refill of your preference once you have filled each page.

Genuine Waxed Leather

Bucksaw Leather Journal

The oil-pulled leather used in this journal is made from full-grain cowhide and has been lightly waxed to help promote longevity, moisture wicking, stain removal, and worry-free weathering over time.

Function & Form Rolled Into One

Bucksaw Leather Journal

Lined with a tightly stitched herringbone pattern, the inner portion of the front flap comes finished with four card slots on its interior. Furthermore, the back flap is outfitted with an oversized note pocket for larger documents. Next to this sits a brushed brass snap studded leather closure, and a matching built-in leather pen holder loop. (Not suitable for fountain pens.)

Warranties & Lots of Trees

Trees for the Future

Not only does each purchase of a Bucksaw Leather Journal come with a complimentary 10-year warranty, but it also allows Klaro the funds it needs to plant a tree with the help of the folks over at Trees for the Future. In turn, this helps offset some of the wood manufacturing required to make many of our products, and the paper that goes into each of these awesome leather journals.

Micah Wright | Author
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