We spared no expense in the latest release of our military OD green, military black, and mill watch boxes.

Here are two reasons why the Case Elegance new series of watch boxes are different than any watch box on the market.

#1 - Watches always look straight and aligned in your watch box

First, we introduced the watch stand. The watch stand keeps your watches straight every single time you place them in your watch box, and it's now standard on every watch box we sell.

This has long been a problem with every watch box on the market, and frustrated us. So after a year in development, we've come up with a way to ensure perfection when you look over your collection.

straight watches

 #2 - Charging ports and modular space flexibility

Not everyone's needs are the same when it comes to storing watches. Our new line of watch boxes allows an unparalleled amount of flexibility.

military watch box transformer

For instance, you can remove 6 of the slots of the military watch box, and convert that space to Apple Watch storage (using the included Apple Watch stand), and storage for your iPhone, by running cords out of the back of the port in the box.

No other watch box on the market allows this much flexibility. 

Michael Slate | Author
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