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Klaro humidors will be the easiest humidor you've ever seasoned and maintained. Comes with everything you need including 2 bottles of humidor solution, a pack of gel crystals and the hydro tray. Of course we give you detailed written and video instructions, backed by amazing support so we'll be with you every step of the way.


Our digital hygrometers are silicone gasket sealed from back to front, and include the most accurate european sensor on the market. You'll never have to wonder whether your cigars are taken care of.


Klaro humidors have more Spanish cedar than any other brand on the market. Spanish cedar keeps away cigar beetles and makes sure your cigars are always the right humidity.


Our seals have been re-engineered to ensure an incredibly air-tight fit. We have custom rear hinges that lock in the seal. We also have super fat cedar coamings that will expand as your humidity increases to really ensure your smokes stay fresh for the long haul.

Battery For Your Klaro Humidor  

Keep your Klaro humidor’s hygrometer reading accurately for years with this six-pack of CR2032 batteries. If your humidor has a silicon plug on the inside, remove it and add the battery on the back.

The hygrometer in your humidor is one of the most important components of your humidor. It tells you the humidity levels within your humidor. Without it, you won’t be able to keep your cigars fresh and ready to enjoy. Hygrometers require batteries, and this pack of six batteries provides you all the power you’ll need for years to come. Don’t wait until your hygrometer runs out of power, make sure you’re well equipped with this pack of batteries.

These batteries will fit any of our Klaro humidors, so whether you have a standard desktop version, or one of our larger, more feature-packed models, you’ll have what you need to ensure your humidor functions as designed.


  • This six-pack of batteries will keep your humidor’s hygrometer accurately reading humidity for years to come.

  • One battery should last six months to a year. This means you’ll have up to six years’ worth of battery power from this single six-pack of batteries.