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Case Elegance’s timepiece-safe magnetic closing watch box

Knowing the effects of magnetism, you have probably wondered how safe magnetic watch boxes are for your timepieces. Now, inadvertently, we live surrounded by magnetism in our daily lives. Even if we want to, we cannot escape its influence, as this can occur - naturally or artificially - in objects that contain magnets or ferromagnetic materials. Unfortunately, our precious watches are no exception. The magnetism present in objects as common as toys, credit card memories, refrigerators, computers, mobile phones or electric guitars can affect its accuracy. These remain magnetically charged even after moving them away from the magnetic source. Magnetic resistance performance Type Magnetism resistance (in case of direct current magnetic field) Explanation Common timepiece Up to 1,600 A/m (approx....

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Top 10 Best & Most Expensive Watch-Boxes

Listing the top best & most expensive watch-boxes is not an easy task as one might think.  There are several factors to consider: design, functionality, the quality of the materials,  among others.  In the next lines, we will describe 10 watch boxes that excel in every aspect.  Emelyanov Watch Box "Memory" ($3300) The first position in our top best & most expensive watch-boxes is occupied by "Memory", handcrafted by the amber-redwood manufactory Emelyanov. This Russian company, founded in 1992, is famous for designing unique objects from artistic accessories to luxurious furniture. This particular piece is made of a royal walnut root, with the baltic amber inlay up to 4000 years old. The Emelyanov watch box Memory is a work of...

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