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How to Choose a Humidor

Any cigar aficionado knows that enjoying cigars is about more than just choosing the right cigar. It’s about choosing the right time to enjoy that cigar. And that means you will need to store them in good condition inside a humidor at the right temperature and humidity levels.  Certain cigars...

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What is a hydro stick?

A hydro stick plays an important part when it comes to storing your precious cigars. It is an extra Spanish cedar wood shim which helps regulate humidity. By soaking the cedar shims in a humidor solution, you can ensure a humidity boost to your humidor.  Now, why is humidity a...

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What kind of a humidor do I need to store Cuban cigars?

The fame of Cuban cigars is well earned. It is a unique and 100% natural luxury product. In its preparation, entirely by hand, leaves chosen from the best vegas in the country are used. According to their manufacturers, tobacco experts do not use chemical additives either in curing or manufacturing...

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