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Can I Store Cigars Long-Term?

Cigar appreciation is a fun hobby that can take a lot of different paths. Some like to keep it more casual. They keep one or two cigars on hand, smoke them at will, and smoke them as they buy them.  Others prefer to keep a healthy stock of cigars around...

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Building a Humidor DIY

Humidors are a relatively simple tool when you break down the concept. Wood, humidity control, a lid. Sure, add in a hygrometer to help you regulate the relative humidity. But, stranded on a deserted island with no other options, you could get by.  On the other end of the spectrum...

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Humidor Travel 101 - How to Protect Your Cigars While Traveling

A time will come when you’ll need to travel with cigars. Whether for a good friend’s destination wedding, or you pick up a few imports at a specialty shop on a business trip, traveling with cigars requires more than just throwing them in a ziplock baggie and hoping for the...

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