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An Argument for Small Humidors

There’s a common, almost cliche piece of advice you’ll hear when shopping for a humidor. “Buy bigger than you need.” Many offer that suggestion first before any other advice–before mentioning Spanish cedar, before talking about humidor humidifiers, before talking about the importance of a quality seal. Instead, you hear, “Buy...

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Is A Humidor Cabinet Right For My Business?

Cigar smoking saw a rise in popularity during the pandemic when folks were required to stay at home and had extra time to reignite interest and invest time in hobbies, cigars included. Many who increased their cigar frequency have continued, and the popularity of cigars is only expected to increase,...

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How Size Affects Humidor Performance

  The relationship between cigars and their humidor is symbiotic, and humidity is their shared resource. As you decide which humidor is right to house your collection of cigars, size can play a role in just how well your humidor protects and extends the life of your cigars based on...

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How Much Should A Humidor Cost?

The type of humidor you buy will differentiate the price. And the biggest difference in type is related to either size or material. For example, larger humidors generally carry a steeper price tag than small humidors or travel humidors. For material, wood humidors are often more expensive (and more effective)...

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Everything You Need to Know About Cigar Humidors

Cigars smoke better when stored in the right environment. Humidors regulate humidity to protect your cigars and maintain their optimal smoking condition. Humidor components determine humidor performance–wood type, humidification system, and a seal. A quality hygrometer keeps everything in check. You want 65-72% humidity. Price ranges are extreme–from $50 to...

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