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How to Make a Humidor

Cigar appreciation doesn’t tend to be many aficionados’ only hobby. Some are quite handy and have a number of other activities they enjoy. When they’re able to blend those hobbies—all the better.  If you’re the type who likes to make things yourself, you may have it in your mind to...

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The Types of Wood Used to Make Humidors

An investment in a humidor can represent how much we value our cigar collections. And that’s because the quality of the humidor determines how well our cigar collections hold up over time--both short and long term.  Without a high-quality humidor, cigars are at risk to the effects of humidity in...

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How Exactly Does a Humidor Work?

Humidors are an important tool for any cigar enthusiast, and some would argue owning one is a requirement, not a recommendation. Humidors allow us to invest in a collection of high quality cigars without risking their deterioration due to a poor environment.   We tend to take a lot for...

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How Much Money Should You Spend on a Humidor?

Once you’ve entered the world of cigar appreciation, you’ve no doubt also started to explore the many features that go along with it. Things like cutters and high-quality torch lighters add to the ceremony of a good smoke, but none more so than a proper humidor. You probably know by...

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What Exactly Is a Humidor?

What Exactly Is a Humidor? Even if you’re new to the world of cigars, you’ve probably heard of—or had other cigar enthusiasts mention to you—a humidor. But what is it?  Like any hobby, cigar appreciation is simple on the surface, but once you start to appreciate the finer elements of...

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The Best Humidors on Amazon

For the conscientious cigar enthusiast, humidors are a necessity rather than an accessory. Humidors house your cigar collection and protect them, keeping them at the right humidity level and ensuring an enjoyable experience whenever you choose to partake. For those just beginning their journey into the world of cigars, finding...

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