Ever wonder how the tradition of the groomsmen got started? 


You might be surprised to learn that the whole wedding party history was initiated with the groomsmen (and NOT the bride’s attendants).

It all began as an Anglo-Saxon tradition where friends of the groom were given the role of guardians or body guards of the bride. Back then, the groomsmen’s role was to make certain that the bride made it safely to the wedding and later the groom’s home.

 Money was a concern in weddings even back then!

Of course, it was expected that she should arrive at both places with her dowry! Think of it as a Merry O’ England twist of a recent cinematic line… Show me the MONEY!

This is how the term “bride’s knights” originated.  You see, these “knights” were even expected to assist in the kidnapping of brides from the clutches of less-than-enthusiastic future in-laws.  And, they were to protect her -  and her dowry, and her virginity. (note the order!)

 Today, the tradition of groomsmen continues. And, anyone planning a wedding faces the nagging question…” what is a proper gift to bestow on the groomsmen for their gallant participation?”

While the choices are endless, may we suggest a couple ideas that have proven to be a smash hit for others?

Watch Case


Our classic collection of watch cases is guaranteed to impressively showcase any watch.  It’s a fact that even millennials are starting to buy watches again.  And, they are buying multiple watches. Increasingly, they are realizing what their grandfathers have always known - that the watch is the single most impressive accessory a man can possess.



Our humidor is made of a real Spanish cedar interior, an attractive cherry veneer external finish, and a felt bottom that protects furniture from scratching. It’s light, but solidly constructed. Add a supply of cigars to this gift as a complement.  Any groomsman who enjoys a good cigar will definitely be impressed.

 Wine Gift Box set

“Who doesn’t appreciate a fine wine?” 

 And what better way to present wine than to enclose it in our popular Bamboo Wine Gift Box Set.  It’s constructed of smooth Bamboo, always impressive to the touch.  And, it includes the complete package of convenient foil cutter, decanter, wine key (corkscrew) and topper.

Bill Dragon | Author
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