I have a friend who has been journaling every day for the past 12 years. She would say that most of the entries are about frivolous happenings of the day, but she’s quick to add that they have increasingly helped her outline her thoughts and feelings while keeping her “head on straight.”

According to an article in Psychology Today, writing is therapeutic. Studies in the past two decades have explored the health consequences of “writing therapy.”

Dr. James W Pennebaker, a social psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin shared his observations about the benefits of journaling to resolve traumatic emotional events in life.

“When people are given the opportunity to write about emotional upheavals, they often experienced improved health. They go to the doctor less. They have changes in immune function. If they are first-year college students, their grades tend to go up."

On more general applications, journaling gives us a physical piece to contemplate, allowing us to better “grasp” what’s going on. Journaling allows us to detach ourselves and approach our situation more objectively.  While today, with the expansion of the Internet and the onslaught of personal blogs, more and more people are taking up the practice of digitizing thoughts, feeling, emotions, and experiences.

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Bill Dragon | Author
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