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Restoration Tips for Your Antique Humidor

  There’s a saying that “antique never goes out of style.” Well, it may not be a saying, but it’s true. The market for cool, lightly used, stylish old goods is always hot. Thrifting is very en vogue. And it’s absolutely possible to find an exceptionally old humidor that would...

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Beware These Signs When Buying a Humidor

  The humidor market is vast, and your choices are extensive–even to a fault. There are a lot of options out there, which is great for finding what you want and what’s right for your cigar collection. But without a careful eye and an understanding of what makes a quality...

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Can I Still Use an Antique Humidor?

Cigar smoking goes way back. Seriously, way back. There’s a long, rich history of both cigar production and appreciation that’s filled many books.  But that’s not entirely why we’re here.  Because while the cigars that your great-grandfather used to smoke may no longer be around, his humidor may be. Humidors...

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