Wine is the perfect gift -  providing your host enjoys wine.  But, if you are undecided about how to select a wine, follow these 5 simple steps:

Know your host 

What kind of wines does your host drink?  The two basic categories are sweet and dry.  If sweet, consider a German Riesling or a dessert wine. If your host prefers a dry wine, consider a California Chardonnay for a white or an Australian Shiraz for a red.

Seek out an expert 

If in doubt, a wine expert is as close as your neighborhood beverage store or wine shop. You don’t have to know much about wines. Simply ask the professional to recommend one.

Don’t think expensive means excellent 

An expensive bottle of wine doesn’t necessarily mean you will like the taste.  On the contrary, a bottle that costs $9.99 may taste wonderful.  Remember, in the end it’s all about the thought, not the price. You will be removing the price tag before gifting it anyway.  

When in doubt, go with a safe choice.

If you don’t know your host’s wine preferences and have no idea what to buy, take heart.  In this case, go with a moderately priced pinot noir. It is an all-around safe choice. 

Now that we have covered four pointers for selecting a perfect wine gift, we would like to add one more important point to consider…

Make your gift presentation something memorable! 

Ringing the doorbell, only to thrust a bottle of wine into the hands of the host when she opens the door is okay.  But what if, instead, you presented that bottle enclosed in a Wine Gift Box set from CaseElegance?

A bottle of fine wine inside our REAL BAMBOO wood wine gift box set will guarantee to make any host oooh and ahh in amazement.

And, it will truly be a gift that’ll make them always think of you as they prepare, share and save with the convenient foil cutter, decanter, wine key (corkscrew) and topper.

What an elegant surprise, indeed!


Bill Dragon | Author
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